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The last Straw. Panorama

Pityoulish, Strathspey


Shower time

Loch Pityoulish. The weather lately had ebbed and flowed hot and cold. Caught this one well after sunset in the blue hour. The clouds rolled in. The last of the daylight flickered to a close just as a snow shower swept accross this majestic loch.


Silent Shores

Loch Pityoulish, Strathspey. A deep glacial loch in the lower slopes of e Northern Cairngorms. It is such a tranquil loch and always inspires me to set up the tripod.


Shadow and Light

Loch Pityoulish, Cairngorms National Park.


Red light zone

Loch Pityoulish. A fine art image.


"Pityoulish Steam"

Morning mist pulling off Loch Pityoulish under the sun`s rays. Strathspey